Friday, June 23, 2006

The Mahwah Literary Review

Welcome to the inaugural post of the Mahwah Literary Review. If you have found your way here you may congratulate yourself for having spelled Mahwah correctly. And, in case you hadn't noticed, history has been made.

What is the purpose of the MLR? It has two goals. One, to maintain connections between participants in the St. Robert Southwell Literary Workshop. Second, to encourage those participants to continue to write by providing an easy to use, electronic forum for pre-publication critique.

How does it all work? Well, I've made myself moderator by self-proclaimed fiat. As moderator (perhaps "Lord of the Blog" would be an apter term) I would receive works-in-progress via e-mail. I would then post the author's work on the blog and other Mahwahvians could comment. That work, benefitting from the helpful insights of others, is then published by a real journal and brings home a large cash payment to the author and fame to the Mahwah School of Literature. Plus, civil society is sustained by wholesome, Catholic literature. The rewards are virtually endless.

At the very least, this is a makeshift until some other Mahwahvian creates a better means of satisfying the two aforementioned goals. Are you that Mahwahvian?

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