Sunday, August 20, 2006

Tim's Poems

Tim has sent me two poems. One (Echo Lake) is posted here. The other (which is somewhat longer) is accessible by this link. Enjoy!

“Echo Lake”

By rope swings, cliffs, and lofty trees
Where we swam and played in spring’s obliging breeze
Residing ‘tween two mountains of hollow height
Is the water called Echo Lake,
And once I went there alone
To bathe away the day’s toilsome stains
And feel ‘freshened by lapping lulls
And a deep vibrating secret sway
That Echo Lake always makes,
The lake was deeply pressed with green that day
And swirling with blue songs like the sky
And because of the hollow heights about
Words echoed throughout
Though only one Word each time,
And once I went there alone
And swam to the middle
And with chilly waves splashing my face
My body numb in the water’s embrace,
The sun bleating upon my face
And that infinite flow without origin or termination
Piercing me like blood,
I wanted to drown in His pleasure,
Like a little flower plucked to death.

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