Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A Sonnet for the Internet Age

By Marion Shore, from (where else?) Measure:

“Lost in Cyberspace”

Confession: here’s the latest of my vices,
small but time-consuming all the same
(Guilty pleasure? Maybe. Midlife crisis?)—
I Google long-lost friends’ and lovers’ names., Switchboard, and the like
can yield up treasures. Other times I slog
through a mire of hits. Sometimes I strike
the mother lode: a Webpage or a blog.

So anyway, I type your name, press “search”:
an e-zine has a poem of yours—quite clever;
you’re organist and choirmaster of some church;
you’re on your second wife—or third? Whatever.
I wonder, as I press the enter key,
darling, do you ever Google me?

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